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A Honeymoon Tale...Down Under (continued)

When Larry first began his search for family in Australia, he contacted the senior
rabbi at our temple, Rabbi David Stern, (the rabbi that would also marry us).
After telling Rabbi Stern his story he directed Larry to a former classmate
of his who is now the senior rabbi of Temple Emanu-El in Sydney, Rabbi
Jeffrey Kamins. Once we arrived in Sydney, he contacted us. So on our third
day in Sydney, we attended his shul for Shabbat services.

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins in the Temple Emanu-El sanctuary.

Just before services ended, Jeffrey announced our presence there, that we had
just married and were on our honeymoon, and the article that had come out the
previous day in the Australian Jewish News detailing Larry's search for
family. Jeffrey apologized that he already had other commitments for Shabbat
dinner, otherwise he and his wife would have loved to have had dinner with us.
After services we were approached by a delightful couple from the
congregation who asked us to join them for Shabbat dinner.

Cyndi Kaplan and Michael Freiman.

While they had lived in Australia almost their entire adult lives, they were
originally from South Africa.  We spent the entire evening with Cyndi and
Michael and had such an enjoyable time.

We found them to be very dynamic and interesting people.  Cyndi is an author of
seven books concerning women's issues and female entrepreneurship, and she
teaches art in a revolutionary way to children.  Michael is also an author of one
book concerned with mens' issues.  He is an anesthesiologist, and a founder of a
men's support group in Sydney.

On our last day in Sydney, we awoke at 6:45 a.m. and took a bus out to North
Bondi Beach.  Bondi Beach is one of Australia's most famous beaches.  It is
located in the Municipality of Waverley in east Sydney. The beach, roughly a
kilometre long, is enclosed at the north and south by headlands. The view of
the ocean was just magnificent, and the waves were so high.

Early morning at North Bondi Beach.

The Tasman Sea.

We walked from Bondi along rocky cliffs to the south end of another sandy beach,
Bronte Beach; a four kilometer walk.

The view from our hike, midway from Bondi to Bronte Beach.

Once we got to Bronte, we had breakfast there at the beach at Cyndi and
Michael's favorite restaurant, Bronte Bite, and later Larry played in the
Tasman Sea.

Jenny, in the meantime, rested on the beach, closed her eyes, opened them, and
found a new friend who wanted to play.

Our adopted dog, ready for action!

After a lot of stick throw-and-fetch, Larry played with the dog in the shallow
parts of the sea.  Two lifeguards told us we weren't allowed to bring our dog to
the beach, and we think they had a hard time believing us when we told them it
wasn't ours!

In the afternoon, we took a ferry out to Darling Harbour and visited the Sydney
Aquarium.  There we got to see marine life indigenous to Australia; platypus,
barramundi, green sea turtles, and fairy penguins, among many others.

The platypus is swimming toward the bottom right of the photo.

Barramundi.  We later ate him in Ayers Rock!

We concluded our last day by taking a night tour of Sydney that included dinner
at the top of Centerpoint Tower, the tallest point in Sydney, with a cylinder at the
top that contains a revolving restaurant (its appearance is similar to the Space
Needle in Seattle).

A view of Sydney from our plane; Centerpoint Tower is in the middle of the photo.

The restaurant is over 300 metres above sea level, and takes 70 minutes to rotate
360 degrees.  The panoramic views of Sydney and her harbour were awesome.

View of the city from Centerpoint Tower.

The food was excellent as was the company; we sat at a table with two other fun
couples - one from England, and one from New Zealand.

The Harbour Bridge at night.

Under the Harbour Bridge during the day.  People pay $100 US to climb it.

We returned to our hotel after midnight, packed and fell quickly asleep.  The
second stretch of our honeymoon was to begin in a just a few hours.

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