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November 2, 1999 - June 23, 2015

Rest In Peace Little Cub

Kiara Lachman was born November 2, 1999.  We adopted her on August 17, 2000.  She is half German Shepherd, half Chow.  Many people ask how she got her name.  Well, her name comes from the Lion King movies. In Lion King II, Simba's Pride, Simba and Nala had a daughter and named her Kiara.  Sure enough, Kiara does look like a lion cub.  In addition to "Kiara", we also call her "Little Cub".  She is very happy to be part of the Lachman pride, and enjoys such activities as football, fetch, and turbo dog.  Kiara's favorite food is cheese!  She also is a very sociable dog and loves playing with other dogs at Pappy's Pet Lodge when Mom and Dad are out of town.

Everyone has asked how Kiara is adjusting to having a baby brother.  Well, we're happy to report that she has been very protective of him.  She comes and seeks us out whenever he cries, and when he is accessible to her, she is always intent on bathing / washing him.  Consequently, he has very clean legs and feet!

Hi there, I am Kiara Lachman. It is a pleasure to meet you.

If you haven't noticed already, I'm cute.


I hate lima beans!



But I LOVE Healthy Choice Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream!

This is my rawhide...you can't have it!

Look! Daddy's teaching me C++!

I didn't do it.

If Mom and Dad can have a baby, then so can I.  Of course, this one only lasted a few days before I ripped the stuffing out of it.

Did somebody call my name?

Can't you see I'm busy?

Hey!  Anything in here for me?  Hanukkah 2013...

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