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Abby Lachman was born September 19, 2015.  We had first pick of the litter, and brought her home on November 22, 2015.  Abby is a Golden Doodle, and we already have many nicknames for her...Abyssinia Barkadoo, A-bi-gail!, and NO!  (just kidding about "no", but we do seem to say that a lot, ha!)

Abby currently enjoys eating dog food, carrots, apples, cardboard tubes from paper towels, toilet paper, grass, leaves, twigs, and small rocks.  Her favorite pastimes include playing fetch, training and learning new commands, playing with other puppies, tearing paper to shreds, and running off with any sock that is left on the floor.

Here I am at one month old!

I was still living in Arkansas at the time...

When I came home on November 22nd, after I peed on the floor, I went right into the playpen

During the week of Thanksgiving, there was a lot of rain - and mud!

Mommy had to feed me by hand at first. The food bowl was a little too scary!

I found this old orange football, and love playing with it!

I can't believe I was able to go to camp so soon!

Camp Heather was 24-7 fun, quite literally!

See Grandpa! The Spaldeen IS appreciated by one of your grandchildren!

Am I starting to look like one of the Beatles? I hear the mop top is coming back in style

I had my first official haircut today!


Home Larry & Jenny Charles Kiara Abby Our Favorites